Always starting from a company´s strengths and current position we join decision makers through:

  • Vision creation

  • Concept definition

  • Solution design and stake holder mapping

  • Supplier evaluation and resource utilization

  • Design Strategy

With our ability to tie the pieces together and visualize the strategies and concept  we make it easier for all stakeholders to be able to take decisions on way forward.


Amplitude has a core team of experts that we make available in transformation projects. Our method has a collaborative approach with the freshness of an outside in view.

Typical advisory tasks that we engage in are:

  • Product segment adaptation to address market expansion or unexpected change.

  • Start-ups needing guidance on proposition, brand or product visualization

  • Innovation projects and new business areas – as external voice or creative force

  • Process refinement and design framework


Focused on defining the problem and the corresponding solutions we assist in setting the right strategy for growth. 

Combining it into a framework of design or create a long-term plan for you to reach the agreed innovation targets.